The Earth Network creates motion picture experiences and connects them to the world through innovative combinations of traditional entertainment media, digital media and social networking. We combine extensive experience with a new generation of multi-talented filmmakers to create immersive and thought provoking movies that entertain and inspire.


The Earth Network is a motion picture production and distribution company that is inclusive, collaborative and shares common goals for its participants.  We create and share amazing stories about inspired ways of living. Our mission is to create films that entertain, inspire, engage audiences and have a positive social impact.


Beyond the entertainment experience, The Earth Network provides education opportunities such as: online resources, outreach programs, networking, mentorship, community film presentations/showings, workshops, speaker’s forums, contests and film specific curriculums.


The Earth Network creates powerful storytelling tools. We collaborate with clients to make outstanding films, commercials and presentations that connect in today’s dynamic digital environment. From concept development and pre-production, through production, post-production and distribution, we provide any or all of the skills needed. We are capable of handling work-flows in all formats from film, HD to 6K to giant screen technology using IMAX® cameras. Our roots go deep, and we combine extensive experience with innovative new talents to create immersive motion picture experiences.

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